Inventions from Wolfhart in Videos

Wolfhart Willimczik

Physicist & Inventor


The Wolfhart Axial Piston Principle

An oil-free axial piston principle without piston bearings and with only rotating pistons.

A stroke motion between
a piston and a cylinder without oscillating mass forces is realized for the first time.

Video 1

Here 6 spherical pistons and the cylinders rotate with an angle at 5 to each other.

To see is here the pressure side, where the pistons do not work. (the cylinders are cut open.)

Video 2

Here the suction side is to be seen, where the pistons operate (pulling). Did you detect the difference? Here the piston rods (screws) are straightened in the cylinders, because they are screwed in the disk (piston carrier) with an angle.

Video 3

In the co-rotating reference system (the camera stays at the piston 3) one detects the actual stroke motion, which produces however no reciprocating mass forces.

Video 4

Here as water pump at 1000 PSI

Video 5

The same parts are running here as pump and water hydraulic motor at 1000 PSI

Video 6

         video 6a

This is a larger water pump/motor at 1000 PSI.

Video 7

Here is to be seen the same principle with only three simple pistons as water pump for house water systems.

Video 8

Here runs the water pump as water hydraulic motor on the water system.

Video 9

Here runs the water pump as an air motor.

Video 10

Here runs a small water hydraulic motor according to the same principle at approximately 8000 rpm.

Video 11

The smallest pump on a 10 watt electric motor. (The housing is removed)

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