The ideal principle for oil-free compressors at high pressure

The first working model of this new oil-free compressor concept is already the most silent compressor.

The cylinder rotor  and the piston rotor.

(The same piston rotor/plate can be used for a wobble design.)

This new displacement principle combined with a new work process uses water as system-fluid. There is not an injection of water, but both rotors are running submerged in water which cools (quasi isotherm compression), seals (no leakage for the gas component) and removes dead volume (instead of gas, water remains in the cylinder). It prevents also the generation of strong sound waves, which makes this Wolfhart Compressor the strongest and most silent compressor.


The second working model reaches already 300PSI

  The cylinder rotor  and the piston rotor


Patent US-6,152,014

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