Wolfhart Inventions you have never seen

Pumps, Compressors, air motors, an environment friendly two stroke engine

Every corporation is invited to test the function models above.

To improve the vane pump the first step was to put the vanes between two equally-distant revolving surfaces.









The second step was to put one vane diagonally over a slanted surface. As air motor it works at 20 000RPM still oil-free

Video 2.6 . . . .Video 2.7


The next step was to put the "vanes" rigidly on the drive shaft to eliminate friction while transmitting power to the medium.

Video 2.4 . . . . Video 2.5

This pump has been developed for a new cooling process to replace compressors.


Four rigid "vanes" with cutting edges are used for fluids under harsh conditions.

. .

The "Starrflügelverdrängerprinzip" (rigid vane principle) was born.


Loose vanes mutated finally in a three-sided rotor.

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The first oil-free compressor with water as system-fluid.

Video 2.3


How my idea from a water-turbine traveled to Hungarian and back to Germany again is written in my book "Codename Einstein".

Turbolöscher or water-jet from BASF


An environment friendly two stroke engine.

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